Special care nursery

Mid North Coast Local Health District has two special care nursery’s located at Coffs Harbour Health Campus and Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Both nurseries are equipped to care for unwell or premature newborns from 34 weeks gestation. If your baby is born before 34 weeks or is too unwell to be cared for at either one of our nurseries, they will be transferred to John Hunter Hospital for specialist care. Return transfer will be organised when they are well enough and to prepare for discharge home with you.

Every baby is different and ongoing care and assessment will be given by the doctors, midwives and nurses caring for them.

If your baby was born premature, you could usually expect that your baby would be ready for discharge around the date that they were due to be born.

If your baby was born premature or they are sick, they may need to stay in hospital longer than you. If this happens we encourage you to visit and spend time with your baby every day and as often as possible.  We are able to offer social work support and chaplain services if you feel these services can help you through this period.

Parents of babies are welcome and encouraged to visit the nursery to be with their baby at any time. All other visitors, such as grandparents and siblings, are also welcome to visit, however only during visiting hours and they must be accompanied by a parent of the baby.

Young children must be supervised and under parental control whilst in the nursery. Children who are not a sibling of the baby are not permitted. All visitors to the nursery must be in good health with no cough or cold symptoms or other infections.

Visiting hours are 7am to 8pm.

If your baby is expected to have an extended stay, you may wish to consider onsite accommodation to be closer to your baby and to facilitate breastfeeding. There is a cost associated for this accommodation (starting from $65 per night) which can be discussed upon booking.

Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

For shorter admissions for illness such as phototherapy treatments, you may wish to consider boarding with your baby on the Maternity ward. Please discuss this with the special care nursery staff to find out if this is an option for you.

All visitors to the special care nursery are asked to wash their hands each time they enter the nursery.

Premature and unwell babies are prone to catching infections and illness, please help protect your baby and other babies by ensuring you wash your hands.

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