Dr Andrew Bailey

Dr Andrew Bailey

Director Research and Knowledge Translation

The Research and Knowledge Translation Directorate (RKTD) is responsible for the strategic direction, operational support and facilitation of research within the MNCLHD.

Key functions of the RKTD include:

  • strategic oversight of the MNLCHD Research and Knowledge Translation Plan
  • provision of the research development, capacity building and operational support for research
  • management of an internal research grants program and any external grants that require a coordinated and centralised LHD approach
  • review and recommendation to the Chief Executive regarding research priorities and participation
  • advice to clinicians, managers and senior executive regarding research development and authorisation, including ethics and governance
  • building and maintaining research relationships with university partners and external research institutes.

The RKTD is focused on driving high quality translational health services research which answers key questions, and addresses the challenges faced by our communities and health service. We encourage research that has strong alignment with local, state and national health strategic plans.

Director Research and Knowledge Translation
Phone: 02 5524 2381
Email: Andrew.Bailey@health.nsw.gov.au

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