Photo booth quartet: Maryanne Gawne, Beth Robert, Shene 'Cracker' Regan and David Milligan.

What a cracker of a Christmas Festivity Spirit happening at PMCH

Dec 19, 2023

Once upon a time, on the first floor of Port Macquarie Community Health, staff were yearning for some festive cheer.

So, it was decided to put on a ‘Festive Spirits’ competition to elevate their Christmas spirits and bring some joy to the world floor.

The competition was open to all teams, and the Christmas rules were simple: create the most festive, most unique, most sparkly or glittery, and best festively dressed space… ever.

The teams got to work right away, creating some of the brightest Christmas displays ever seen.

From all the creativity and competition between the teams, emerged a Christmas Cracker Counsellor roaming the corridors, a red-hot Santa photo booth, flashing lights, a Santa busking, a Christmas poem, electronic Christmas displays, tinsel adorning the corridors, and so much more.

So, we welcome you to come and take a peek. You might like to book in to see the Christmas Cracker Counsellor or take a free Santa photo booth snap. Whatever you are after, you will definitely be in for a really good Christmas treat.

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