Wauchope Hospital Volunteers President Win Secombe and Wauchope Hospital Acting Nurse Unit Manager Sarah Martin (front) with hard working branch members and their regional representative, Dee Hunter (standing).

Wauchope Hospital Volunteers ready for another busy year

Sep 07, 2023

Wauchope Hospital Volunteers have launched into the new financial year on the back of an extraordinarily successful 2022-23.

The United Hospital Auxiliary volunteers met this week for their Annual General Meeting where they returned Wauchope’s Win Secombe as president for a seventh term.

Ms Secombe reflected on a year of hard work that included more than 15,030 volunteer hours in support of Wauchope District Memorial Hospital.

Proceeds from the branch’s monthly IGA stalls helped fund $8889 in donated hospital equipment and patient support items, including $300 worth of patient care packages, $7500 for a shade sail in the hospital’s sensory garden and $1160 for an office desk for the operating theatre.

The volunteers also received state grants for five new marquees for their monthly stalls.

The president also thanked Wauchope RSL Club for its support throughout the year, Wauchope Country Club and volunteer Barry Peters for revenue from bottle collections, the branch’s auditor Paul Murphy and the broader community for its support of UHA fundraisers.

“I feel we have had a successful year and we now have the funds to assist with furniture for the new relatives’ room attached to the Palliative Care Unit,” Ms Secombe said.

Acting Nurse Unit Manager Sarah Martin thanked the volunteers for their hard work in support of patients and their families.

“It’s been an incredible effort, and one that is truly appreciated by staff and patients,” she said.

Executive committee members elected alongside Ms Secombe included Vice-president Barry Peters, Secretary Carole Peters, Treasurer Margaret Mostyn, Judy Allen as Event Organiser and Publicity Liz McKellar.

Anyone wanting to join this remarkable group of volunteers is encouraged to email: Sharon.Fuller1@health.nsw.gov.au

Two women smiling.

Wauchope Hospital Volunteers President Win Secombe and Secretary Carole Peters following the UHA branch’s Annual General Meeting.

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