Volunteers Margaret Bradley, Judy Allan and Joan Egan with Hastings Co-op IGA representatives Tim Walker and Darren Partridge. Both men were thanked for the support provided by Hastings Co-op and its staff to the volunteers’ fundraising initiatives.

Wauchope Volunteers’ delicious fundraiser

May 27, 2021
This article was published 3 years ago.

The Wauchope Hospital Volunteers baked, kneaded and whipped their way through a scrumptious fundraiser for Wauchope District Memorial Hospital on Wednesday.

The volunteers’ annual Morning Tea at the Wauchope Senior Citizens Hall was a sellout, attracting 90 guests who helped make the event a huge success.

President Win Secombe was on hand to greet everyone who came through the door, including the hospital’s Director of Nursing/Executive Officer Ann Bodill and Nurse Manager Kate Williams.

Also present was the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW North Eastern Regional Representative Dee Hunter, the volunteers’ long-standing patron, Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann, former Mayor Frank Harrison and his wife Kate and guest speaker, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Senior Citizen of the Year Phyllis Hollis.

Under Win’s presidency, the hard-working volunteers donated more than $17,000 in equipment to Wauchope Hospital last year, the significance of which was emphasised by Ms Bodill.

“Our UHA volunteers play an important role at our hospital,” Ms Bodill said.

“We are very appreciative of everything they do to make such a difference, not only the practical things they do for our staff and patients but also the emotional support they provide.”

Guest speaker Phyllis Hollis talked about her long history in the Upper Hastings, volunteering in the Upper Hastings Sporting Group, Hastings Country Music Club, St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church, Long Flat Football Club, Yarras School, Long Flat Rodeo, Ellenborough Hall, Long Flat Public School, and more recently supporting flood and fire-affected families by distributing donated clothes, household goods and appliances, and food.

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