MAD and proud: Winners physiotherapists Siobhan Finnegan, Laura Scott and Alice Bateup.

Warmth, and a touch of madness, builds a strong team

Oct 31, 2023

Hastings Macleay Physiotherapists celebrated their achievements with their 7th Annual Make A Difference (MAD) peer-nominated awards.

The awards were independently judged and presented by People and Culture Team Alix Blakeley and Rachael Cottom.

“The warmth that the team felt for one another and the commitment to care and leadership the whole team have towards their patients and jobs shone through in the nominations,” Alix said.

MAD for 2023 are:

  • Laura Scott, New Employee Award
  • Siobhan Finnegan Leadership Award,
  • Alice Bateup 3rd place MAD Champion
  • Emma Foley 2nd place MAD Champion
  • Mikayla Smith, winner MAD 2023 Champion
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