Lisa Slater and Michelle Guest from Bellinger River District Hospital with Grahame Maddeford, Jim Forbes, Wal Tyson and Ian Bell from the Lions Club of Bellingen and the new vaccination and medication fridge.

Teamwork benefits Bellingen community

Dec 20, 2023

Thanks to the generosity of the Bellingen community, steered by the local Lions Club, the Bellinger River District Hospital has a new vaccination fridge and will soon have new portable oxygen concentrators.

The much-needed items are valued at $20,000, raised by the Lions Club of Bellingen together with matched funds from Lions Australia and supported by a ClubsNSW Grant from C.ex Coffs Harbour.

“The Lions Club has supported the hospital for decades, and we are very grateful for their continued generosity,” the hospital’s Executive Officer Lisa Slater said.

“The vaccine fridge houses vital and potentially lifesaving medications and vaccinations that are important to the care of our community and they must be stored at the correct temperature. Our old fridge’s age, size, and functionality meant it was no longer fit for purpose and was in immediate need of an upgrade.

“This donation ensures we can continue to support community and patient needs through our growing services.”

Jim Forbes from the Lions Club of Bellingen said the hospital is a much-needed community facility that the club was happy to support.

“We have a great community that supports us through our street raffles, at the monthly markets and other events where we do catering, like the Bellingen Show,” Mr Forbes said.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to help the hospital, whose staff help the community. They’re a great team of caring people.”

The Lions Club of Bellingen is always keen to welcome new members. Look them up on Facebook to find out more, visit the Lions Australia website or drop into the canteen at the Bellingen markets and have a chat.

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