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The Mid North Coast Local Health District Perinatal and Infant Mental Health team share some facts about the impacts of perinatal depression and anxiety.

Team focused on improving perinatal mental health

Nov 12, 2023

November 12 to 18 is designated Perinatal Infant Mental Health Week, an awareness campaign aimed at helping the community and health professionals to better understand perinatal mental health.

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (PIMH) refers to the period around conception up until the child is two years old; It includes the health and wellbeing of both the pregnant person, caregivers, and the newborn.

The perinatal period is crucial for the development and health of the baby.

The awareness week was created by Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA), and their theme this year is Connecting Through Conversation.

The theme reflects an understanding of the importance of open and supportive dialogue surrounding mental health topics.

PANDA is addressing challenging subjects and providing practical information on approaching conversations with loved ones and healthcare providers.

Its website has additional resources, information and support during Perinatal Mental Health Week.

The Mid North Coast Local Health District PIMH team took a proactive approach to increasing awareness by streaming the NSW Health PIMH Symposium, with the theme of “Innovation and Inclusion”, across its clinical networks last Friday, making valuable information accessible to a broader audience, especially those who couldn’t attend the live event in Sydney.

This not only provides access to the latest research but also facilitates networking, education, and awareness-raising opportunities for service partners.

These events promote perinatal mental health awareness and provide networking, education and awareness raising opportunities for service partners.

The PIMH team consistently works to strengthen partnerships with community organisations, mental health advocates, and other stakeholders. By continuing to promote and expand on initiatives like streaming the PIMH symposium, the PIMH team contributes significantly to promoting awareness, understanding, and open conversations about perinatal mental health issues which are crucial to supporting the wellbeing of parents, caregivers, and infants and the broader community during this critical period.

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