Group of people in warehouse with thumbs up and down.

Chris Forster, Dr Mary Stevens, Ray Gahan, Scott Pomroy, Dr Zoe Steley from the RCEM GreenED Project and Dr Brian O’Connell give thumbs up to high value care and thumbs down to low value care.

Sustainable healthcare transformation gains momentum

Mar 07, 2024

The Sustainable Healthcare Team has had a busy week meeting with key staff to discuss driving down low value care and rolling out several exciting initiatives across the district.

On Monday, the team met with visiting global leading educator Dr Zoe Steley from the UK’s ‘GreenED’ Program at Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Dr Steley is collaborating with MNCLHD’s Sustainable Healthcare Clinical Lead Dr Brian O’Connell to bring new clinical innovations which will further drive down low value care and unnecessary waste of healthcare resources.

The pair met with acting ED Nurse Unit Manager Scott Pomroy, Emergency Medicine Physician Dr Mary Stevens, Supply and Distribution Officer Chris Forster and acting Supply and Distribution Manager Ray Gahan in preparation for the launch of the ‘Rational Cannulation Program’ which will focus on reducing unnecessary cannula use.

On Tuesday the team travelled to Coffs Harbour Health Campus for another ‘pop-up’ desk and met with Senior Radiologist Dr Ross McKay, District Manager Sustainable Healthcare Team Danny Saunders and Emergency Medicine Registrar Megan Congdon. Discussions are underway to look at strategies to reduce unnecessary radiology ordering which has risen in recent years.

The Sustainable Healthcare Team also collaborated with Deputy Director of Medical Services Renee Strazzari, Performance Analyst Ben Hodgson and Coffs Harbour Finance Manager Dean Biggs using healthcare data to optimise our clinical care and assist in the drive towards more efficient and effective service delivery.

On Wednesday, the team met to continue its work toward delivering the 1.9km ‘Path of Health’ perimeter walk around the Coffs Harbour Health Campus. The team is researching sustainable and cost-neutral strategies to bring this vision to life which will be a wonderful addition for staff and patients alike! EOIs for those interested in joining the working group are in the pipeline.

For more information, visit our Sustainable Healthcare page on the intranet.

Five people standing behind a desk with thumbs up and down

Spreading the sustainability message at Coffs Harbour Health Campus this week were Dr Brian O’Connell, Dr Megan Congdon, Dr Ross McKay, Danny Saunders and Dr Zoe Steley from the RCEM GreenED Project.

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