A group of three health care workers

The Stoma Team: Darren Fitzgerald Coffs Community Health Stoma/Continence RN, Alyssa Higoe Coffs Community Health Stoma/Continence CNS2, Mandy Hawkins Coffs Community Health Stoma/Continence CNC2.

Stoma Therapy Team’s workshop boost confidence and knowledge

Jul 04, 2024

National Stoma Therapy Week, 24-30 June, recognises people living with a stoma and acknowledges the health professionals involved in their care.

The 2024 week celebrated the diversity of ostomates and those who care for them; including families, carers, Ostomy Associations, industry, educators, stoma therapy nurses and other healthcare team members.

In Coffs Clinical Network (CCN), the dedicated Stoma Therapy Team, Mandy, Alyssa, Darren, and Dietitian Danielle presented a full-day workshop at CHHC to educate clinical educators and clinical champions from across CCN.

The event was attended by 23 participants and eight industry representatives. The workshop was highly valued by participants, citing that attendance has increased confidence, knowledge and skills, and many commented it was the best workshop they have ever attended!

The next day Mandy, backed up to facilitate a four-hour support session for Coffs Ostomy Group. This group provides education, socialisation and support for ostomates, their families and friends in the CCN. Company reps from the previous day’s workshop stayed for this session and provided a small trade display.

For the non-clinical among us, here’s some helpful information from healthdirect:

  • A stoma is a small opening in the abdomen used to remove body waste (faeces and urine) into a collection bag.
  • There are several reasons people might need a stoma, such as having part of their bowel removed.
  • Most stomas are temporary, but some may be permanent.
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