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Culturally-informed care for our patients: A new role for Simone Smith.

Simone’s new role focused on culturally-informed care

Jul 10, 2024

Our district has a new Aboriginal Cancer Support Coordinator.

Aboriginal Health Worker, Simone Smith, has taken on a 12-month pilot role to provide culturally sensitive support and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients throughout their cancer journey. 

Simone is also a member of the MNCLHD Commitment to Preventing Racism Working Group and takes every opportunity to close the gap in health care services and access, as well as drive workplace culture and guide staff to enhance their cultural awareness. She’s also a handy rugby league halfback, representing Australia a few years ago, but that’s another story.

“I understand the importance of culturally respectful care and ensuring that our patients feel safe, supported, and empowered,” Simone said.

“I hope to improve access to treatment and embed culturally safe healthcare for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mob on their cancer journeys.

“I help patients navigate their diagnosis and treatment, offer a supportive hand and a listening ear. This includes helping to understand medical information, coordinating care with healthcare providers, and connecting them with community resources and support services.

“I also work closely with our staff to provide the best care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, whether offering guidance on cultural considerations or helping to create a more inclusive environment.

“My goal is to ensure that each patient receives culturally informed care that respects their needs and promotes their well-being.”

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