three people holding a plate of food.

Suicide Prevention Coordinator Sage Green with Mental Health Rehabilitation Coordinator Natalie Scaysbrook and Port Macquarie Community Mental Health, Nurse Unit Manager Shanae Fletcher.

Safe, inclusive and empowering services celebrate authentic self

Apr 05, 2024

Integrated Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug (IMHAOD) services aim to be inclusive of all people in our communities.

“We want staff and communities to feel our services are safe, empowering of people’s identity and celebrate everyone’s authentic selves,” said MNC MHS Suicide Prevention Coordinator Sage Green.

“This Mardi Gras season, each team celebrated diversity with a delicious, colourful array of treats and discussions around the Mardi Gras parade, diversity in workplaces and services, and what we can do to improve inclusiveness.

“IMHAOD continues to improve knowledge of diversity and gender affirming care, undertakes training and comes together for days of significance.”

International Transgender Day of Visibility was on 31 March 2024.

This year IMHAOD staff came together to discuss gender affirming care and focus on improving use of correct pronouns.

Woman holding two plates of treat food.

Suicide Prevention Coordinator Sage Green celebrating diversity with a colourful array of treats.

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