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Dennis Moonie, a much-loved member of the Coffs Harbour Pink Ladies, passed away on 7 October.

Remembering Dennis, a volunteer with a big heart

Oct 20, 2022
This article was published 2 years ago.

Dennis Moonie was a much-loved member of the Coffs Harbour Pink Ladies, who brightened every room he walked into and brought smiles to the faces of Coffs Harbour Health Campus patients, volunteers, and staff.

Sadly, Dennis passed away on 7 October aged 82.

Pink Ladies President Helen Mears said Dennis had been a wonderful volunteer, who provided the much sought-after trolley service at the hospital for more than six years.

He always took the Sunday roster, but, Helen said, whenever she was short on volunteer numbers during the week, Dennis was the first to put up his hand to ensure patients didn’t miss out on the service.

He hadn’t been on the trolley for the past two years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Dennis was certainly a character,” Mrs Mears said.

“Everyone knew and loved him. He was always most agreeable, and I am so sad we’ll no longer see his smiling face at the hospital.”

Dennis was talked into volunteering as a ‘Pink Lady’ by his wife Brenda, also a Pink Ladies member who volunteers in the coffee shop.

“Dennis didn’t retire until he was in his 70s, but when he did, he got bored,” Mrs Moonie said.

“So, I talked him into joining the Pink Ladies and doing the trolley.

“He was happy to do it, after all, in Dennis’ words, ‘there’s only so much gardening you can do’.

“And it suited him to a tee. Dennis loved talking to people, and everyone would stop and talk to Dennis. He was so kind.”


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