six women in a clinic with donated medical equipment

Staff Specialist Dr Marilyn Clarke (front), Women’s Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Newman (seated) and Acting Women’s Health and Wellbeing District Coordinator Susan Hoff (back right) were all smiles with the creation of CHHC’s new Colposcopy Clinic thanks to the hard work of the Pink Silks Trust, represented by Nicole Pymont, Alison Blanshard and Tanya Johnson.

Pink Silks Trust helps deliver another women’s health initiative

Nov 11, 2020
This article was published 3 years ago.

Coffs Harbour Health Campus now has a Colposcopy Clinic thanks to the hard work of Coffs Harbour’s Pink Silks Trust.

The Trust has delivered a $20,000 donation to help establish the clinic, which included a gynaecological examination bed, camera and monitor, and colposcopy instruments.

The new Colposcopy Clinic is focused on providing women, who are struggling financially, with a service that, until now, was only available at private clinics.

The service is the result of a determined effort by Coffs Harbour Health Campus Gynaecological Staff Specialist Dr Marilyn Clarke, women’s health nurses from Port Macquarie and Macksville, the staff at Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre (who helped to fundraise along with hospital staff) and the amazing fundraising capabilities of the Pink Silks Trust.

Dr Clarke said the Women’s Health team was indebted to the Pink Silks Trust for making the clinic a reality.

“I have no doubt this clinic will save lives,” Dr Clarke said.

“There has been a need for public gynae services, apart from having a baby, for the women of Coffs Harbour for some time.

“It is so important for women to be able to access a colposcopy procedure after a positive cervical screening test.

“This service will enable timely access for women who have had difficulty accessing this before. By treating abnormal cells early, we will prevent women getting cervical cancer.

“The colposcopy service is an important first step towards a full public gynae clinic, and we have the Pink Silks Trust to thank for helping us to create this service.”

Pink Silks Trust Committee Chair and Co-founder Tanya Johnson said the donation fit perfectly with the Trust’s core objective – to support local women through local women’s health services.

“This new initiative at the CHHC will provide a public service for patients undergoing a routine cervical pap smear or biopsy for cervical cancer,” Ms Johnson said.

“It will provide access to those not in a financial position to get cervical examinations done and increase the chance of early detection and treatment.

“This is why Pink Silks Trust members do what we do, and, together with the Coffs community, we will help thousands of local women, over many years, with one significant and important donation,” Ms Johnson said.

The Colposcopy Clinic donation brings the Pink Silks Trust financial support of local women to an extraordinary $1 million in the past 13 years.

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