A man wearing a pink shirt sitting in the driver seat of an e-car leaning out of an open door.

Pink Ladies Auxiliary member John Fulton was busy during his shift at PMBH, where the Pink Ladies e-car is back in service four half-days a week. More volunteers are needed to extend operating hours, so if you know of anyone who can help give them Sharon Fuller's phone number 0417 982 167.

Pink Ladies e-car is a welcome sight

Feb 07, 2023
This article was published 1 year ago.

Visitors to Port Macquarie Base Hospital are once again seeing the distinctive Pink Ladies e-car circulating throughout the car park.

The much-loved service is back, offering a courtesy pick-up and drop-off service to anyone who needs it from anywhere in the carpark.

If you see the e-car making its rounds, hail it; or wait at the e-car passenger pick-up area at the far end of the carpark, or simply call the Pink Ladies driver on 0418 901 661.

The service operates between 9am and noon Monday to Thursday, however, the Pink Ladies are looking for more volunteers to expand the service’s operating hours.

Staff are welcome to make use of the courtesy service, however, visitors and patients will be transported first.

If anyone knows of someone who has spare time on their hands and would like to become a volunteer driver, contact District Corporate Relations Manager Sharon Fuller on 0417 982 167.

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