Renee Strazzari is the new Deputy Director of Medical Services for the Coffs Clinical Network.

Meet the new Deputy Director of Medical at Coffs

Jul 14, 2023
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The Coffs Clinical Network has a new Deputy Director of Medical Services with Dr Renee Strazzari being appointed to the role. 

Dr Strazzari brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with her, having worked as a GP at the Coffs Medical Centre and Women’s Health Centre before moving into non-clinical and medical administrative roles and completing a Masters of Health Leadership and Management.

“When I saw this role, I thought it would give me an opportunity to work back in the Coffs Harbour community with my health colleagues and contribute to the healthcare of our area,” Renee said.

“One of the reasons I gravitated towards the deputy director medical services role was my desire to contribute to system improvements, not only for patients but also for my healthcare colleagues.

“Yes, I have had many rewarding experiencing across my clinical years, but I also enjoy how governance and administration challenges my brain in a different way. And my clinical knowledge comes in handy and is utilised often in my role.”

Dr Strazzari has been in the role for two weeks and said she has already felt welcomed by staff and is looking forward to new challenges.

“There will obviously be a lot to learn and do but it’s been really enjoyable so far. I’ve had quite a few meet and greets where I’ve known the person from my previous roles so it’s been really nice seeing them again,” she said. 

“And to hear about their department and areas where we may be able to work together to improve on the good work that’s already being done.”

Having grown up in Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean, Coffs Harbour’s small-town atmosphere is what ultimately drew Renee here.

“Growing up on a small island I think the small town, community vibe that Coffs has is what I like about it,” she said.

“I really feel at home here. It’s been a great place to put down roots and raise my kids. A lovely place to live and work.” 

Welcome to the MNCLHD Renee.

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