Kempsey Staff celebrate Hand Hygiene Day

Jun 20, 2024

Hand Hygiene Awareness Day at Kempsey District Hospital was a tremendous success, with over clinical and non-clinical services participating in the Hand Hygiene Motto Competition. The event aimed to raise awareness of the importance of proper hand hygiene practices in preventing infections and ensuring patient safety.

Congratulations to the Dental Department for clinching the first place with their innovative and catchy hand hygiene motto. Radiology also deserves a hearty applause for securing the second place with their creative entry. 

A special thank you to everyone who participated by welcoming Mr and Mrs Germ into their units for a photo opportunity, which highlighted the invisible spread of germs and the importance of hand cleanliness. The use of the glow bug hand wash tool provided an engaging way for staff to see the effectiveness of their hand washing techniques.

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