Healthcare worker using sign language over videoconference.

MNCLHD staff can now complete basic Auslan training to support deaf people in our community accessing our services.

International Day of Sign Languages

Sep 22, 2023

Friday 23 September, is International Day of Sign Languages. 

It provides an opportunity for all of us to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all deaf people and other sign language users.

Australian Sign Language is called Auslan and is the recognised language of the Australian Deaf Community. It is an engaging and visual language, represented through hand movements, facial expressions and body language. Auslan users are very proud of their language and love to celebrate it.

MNCLHD staff can now complete basic Auslan training through a program developed as part of the ‘Enhancing Inclusion in the Health System’ project.

Starring in the video is community member and Auslan user Cindy-Lu, with the assistance of her Auslan Interpreter, Terri. 

Health staff will also learn about the challenges Auslan users may face when accessing the healthcare system and how they can offer support in a more inclusive and respectful way and minimise communication barriers.

MNCLHD staff can seek more information about supporting people with disabilities, Hospital Care Resources or the NDIS by contacting Disability Healthcare Specialists Sarah Mongan ( or Charity Honeysett (

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