Graphic showing a blood donation drive results.

Bloody legendary: We beat our goal and saved lives.

Health Services blood drive final tally, and Coffs shines again

Jul 09, 2024

We did it!

Thank you to all MNCLHD donors who rolled up their sleeves and made the 2024 Health Services Blood Drive a success.

The drive ran from 1 April to 30 June and the MNCLHD has outdone itself. The goal was 110 donations and we made 112.

The Coffs Harbour Donor Centre collected 83 of these donations from 47 donors.

Last year 61 donors made 107 donations during the campaign. Again, Coffs was the standout location with 35 donors making 62 donations.

Lifeblood is looking forward to seeing an uplift in donations at Port Macquarie following a suite of in-service talks conducted in six different wards. No pressure!

If you’d like to see how all teams fared, click on the link to our website tally below.

Lifeblood challenges (

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