Eight young women sitting and standing and holding colourful artworks.

Group participants (standing) with Aboriginal Family Health Worker, Jade Chelman and Social Workers Keahana Davis and Cody Morris (seated) showcasing the artworks created by participants.

Group helps people cope with the stresses of life

Jul 21, 2023

Being socially and emotionally well means being able to make the most of your abilities, cope with the stresses of life and contribute to your community.

For some people, this can come easily but for other’s it can be a challenging task. 

Mid North Coast Local Health District Social Worker, Keahana David created a six-week Wellness Recovery Group to help clients develop skills to manage their social and emotional well-being.

Throughout the program the following topics were discussed, and clients were provided with strategies, skills and psychoeducation on the following:

  • The fight, flight, freeze, fawn trauma response
  • Window of tolerance
  • Self-regulation
  • Connection
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Developing a management plan for stressful events

Feedback from the group was positive with participants saying they learnt some valuable coping skills, challenged their thoughts, felt safe and comfortable and made some great friendships.

During the last session, the participants created some artworks which reflected how they interpret healing and recovery. The finished paintings will be displayed in the Port Macquarie Community Health Building.

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