five people wearing turquoise shirts and holding or standing next to dogs

Bright Bessy Dog Trainer Kyra Ensbey (centre) with her newest volunteers at their graduation ceremony in Coffs Harbour – Kim and Rob with Lucy, Jane with Beryl, Sue with Archie and Annette with Rex. Pic courtesy of former CHHC Facility Support Manager Jo Shaw, who presented the graduates with their bandanas.

Graduates ready to boost CHHC service

Nov 01, 2022
This article was published 2 years ago.

Coffs Harbour Health Campus’ perfect patient-focused pooches have received a boost to their numbers.

Bright Bessy Dog Training owner Kyra Ensbey held a graduation ceremony recently for the latest recruits, who are eager to bring puppy happiness to the health campus.

The Community Support Dogs provide a popular service at Coffs Harbour hospital,  where they visit the Paediatric, Mental Health, Medical, Surgical and Rehabilitation Units.

The Community Support Dogs also visit local schools and other facilities in Coffs Harbour and surrounds.

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