A large group of young people and healthcare workers.

Learning the skills needed to develop healthy relationships and enhance wellbeing.

Gaining skills in healthy relationships thanks to MNCLHD

Apr 30, 2024

Clinical Nurse Specialist Leanne Bryant and Aboriginal Health Worker Jade Chelman held a Health Relationships and Sexual Health Program in Kempsey with clients of Key Employment.

The organisation supports people with disabilities to find employment, engage with communities and achieve personal goals.

People with disabilities are at greater risk of domestic, family, and sexual violence compared to those without disabilities.

Over five weeks Jade and Leanne, in their roles as members of the Domestic Violence Prevention and Education Program (DVPEP), facilitated insightful discussions and interactive activities, to help foster understanding and empowerment in matters of relationships and sexual health. The participants eagerly embraced the program.

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, the MNCLHD DVPEP team is committed to returning annually to Key Employment. This ongoing partnership is dedicated to ensuring clients and staff have the necessary tools to navigate healthy relationships and enhance overall wellbeing.

For more information about DVPEP services and programs, please contact Jade Chelman or Leanne Bryant at 6589 2100.

For more information and/or support please contact 1800RESPECT or check out their website.

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