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Email platform migration brings more features and greater security.

Email upgrade complete: Good, good, good, good migration

May 23, 2024

Our Digital Health Directorate migrated 5,700 email inboxes from Microsoft Outlook Exchange to the cloud. It’s like Cloud Nine, but better; it’s the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Digital Health worked with the team from eHealth to undertake the task over the last four weeks. For users, this means we can use more of Outlook’s features in conjunction with the dynamic platform Microsoft Teams, streamline our workflows and boost efficiency. Our emails, chat, calendars, video conferencing, file sharing and more are seamlessly integrated. 

There is also a new resource to help reduce email overload and streamline our digital communications. Get the tips and tricks from the Communications section of the intranet or search “which tool when”.

The upgrade also means our digital security has improved, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our sensitive data. There is more robust threat protection, spam filtering and data loss prevention.

The migration is the first step towards a more modern platform in preparation for the Single Patient Record. It allows us the flexibility to adapt to the organisation’s changing needs.

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