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Dig it, the dancing queen: Registered Nurse Nicole Lindley is embracing dance to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Dancing outside her comfort zone for a good cause

Jun 12, 2024

When the first beats of Wonderland by Neoni blast from the speakers at Panthers Port Macquarie on 28 June, registered nurse Nicole Lindley will literally flip out of her comfort zone.

Nicole is one of the 2024 Hastings Stars Dance for Cancer performers and has embraced pole dancing to raise funds for the Cancer Council. She has trained with SoulFire Pole Dance instructor Kylie Morris for several weeks and the routine involves several athletic moves.

“When you’re a kid, you think nothing of flipping upside-down. As an adult, it’s totally different, quite a mental challenge,” Nicole said.

“I’m using and building muscles I never knew I had and performing moves outside of what I thought I could ever achieve. It’s pretty liberating and empowering to think I can climb a pole now and hold my body weight.”

Colleagues at Port Macquarie’s MNCCI proudly display Nicole’s fundraising sign and have organised fundraisers to blast through her fundraising goal of $5,000.

Nicole’s tally is almost $9,000. There are two events left to raise funds – A Glitz and Glam evening at The Westport Club on 15 June and a Bunnings barbecue with the Port Macquarie Lions Club.

“Our team at MNCCI and patients have been fantastic in their support,” Nicole said.

“I didn’t expect to raise the funds we have managed to tally so far but I’ve had great support. I’m grateful.

“The Cancer Council do an amazing job supporting our patients with information and education, and funding research into the disease.”

Nicole said she accepted the dance challenge to support the cause, family members who have battled and are battling cancer, and her patients.

“My discomfort performing on stage is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through,” she said.

Find out more about Nicole’s fundraising, the Dance for Cancer event by visiting the Facebook page or Cancer Council Stars page.

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