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BowraMacksville UHA volunteers Dee Hunter, Heather Edwards and Lorraine Edmondson present Macksville District Hospital’s Connie Greenwood and Dr Karly Field with a $70,000 ultrasound.

Cuppas and hard work fund $70,000 ultrasound

Oct 18, 2022
This article was published 1 year ago.

Macksville District Hospital has a new, $70,000 piece of life-saving medical equipment donated by the hospital’s UHA volunteers.

The BowraMacksville branch of the United Hospital Auxiliary funded an ultrasound from the proceeds from its UHA Café.

Branch president Lorraine Edmondson said the donation was an amazing tribute to the hard work and generosity of her volunteers.

“We are so very happy to be able to donate this important piece of equipment to Macksville Hospital, where it will be put to great use in Emergency and in Maternity,” Ms Edmondson said.

“Seventy thousand dollars is a lot of money… and it’s a lot of coffees!

“We have such a hard-working group of volunteers who are so willing to fill the café roster and in doing so provide a tremendous service to the hospital as well.”

Macksville’s Director Emergency Medicine Dr Karly Field described the ultrasound as a “really crucial” piece of equipment.

“It is used in Emergency Medicine to assess heart function, assess patients with trauma, to put cannulas into veins, and a whole range of diverse diagnostics,” Dr Field said.

“We are very grateful to the volunteers for their hard work and generosity in making this donation possible.”

Also thankful for the donation was Midwifery Group Practice Manager Connie Greenwood from the Macksville Hospital Maternity Service.

“We can’t thank the UHA volunteers enough for this life-saving piece of equipment. It is worth every cent of its $70,000 price tag.

“We know it is a lot of coffee to sell, and so we thank the BowraMacksville UHA, from the bottom of our hearts, for such an important donation.”

Anyone wanting to make new friends while supporting their local hospital through the UHA café volunteers is encouraged to phone the café on 6598 3392 and leave their details or contact Heather Edwards at

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