A red heart health medical display.

Winners: Coffs Harbour Health Campus' Heart Week display earned a national prize.

Creative display earns hearty prize for CAU team

Jun 03, 2024

A lot of creativity and heart went into the displays at Coffs Harbour Health Campus’ celebration of Nurses and Midwives Day, and one has walked away with a prize.

The bright, interactive, and educational display by the Coronary Angiography Unit entered the Heart Foundation’s Heart Week challenge; an Australia-wide competition showcasing the importance of heart health.

CAU’s Nurse Unit Manager, Maura Kelly, said the display required a lot of planning and craft activities.

The display was highly interactive and encouraged visitors walking by to touch and explore the equipment used in heart treatment, such as stents, and models and peruse the educational material.

The CAU staff won a $500 gift voucher as one of two winners of the Heart Foundation’s Creative Display Challenge, the other winner was Aspendale Gardens Medical Centre in Victoria.

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