Health care workers holding balloons and posters for International Clinical Trials Day.

Port Macquarie MNCCI Clinical Trials Team Back row: Victoria Miller - Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Hannah Williams - Health Manager Harriet Mackenzie - Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Kirsty Keough - Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Front Row: Deborah Honig - Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Kiran Buckley - Nursing Unit Manager.

Celebration of clinical trials at Port and Coffs

May 14, 2024

Did you know more than 80 clinical trials are underway in MNCHD?

The local health district has been conducting clinical trials for more than 26 years and 20 May is a day to recognise this vital work; it’s International Clinical Trials Day.

Research shows that health services that conduct clinical trials typically have a more rapid uptake of newer treatments and have lower mortality rates.

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated globally and recognises the day James Lind started the first randomised clinical trial in 1774.

In this case, it was to study the effects of different treatments on scurvy.

Amazingly, Lind found a cure for scurvy after a clinical trial with only 12 people, two of whom received the active treatment of citrus fruits.

Staff from the Port Macquarie Mid North Coast Cancer Institute (MNCCI) Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), Coffs Harbour Oncology MNCCI CTU and the MNCLHD Research Directorate will celebrate the day with a morning tea and a promotional display at PMBH and CHHC with informative brochures and information relating to working in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are happening now in Oncology, Haematology, Cardiology and Respiratory, Stroke, Surgical, and Drug and Alcohol services.

The MNCCI clinical trial teams consist of Medical Officers, Research Nurses, Finance Managers and Administration officers who all play a part in conducting clinical trials within the MNCLHD.

More recently the Rural Regional Remote (R3) Clinical Trial Enabling Grant, funded by the Commonwealth Government, allowed the employment of an additional Clinical Trial Coordinator in each clinical network. These roles are critical to the growth of multidisciplinary clinical trials programs.

On International Clinical Trials Day the team hopes to raise awareness on the sector and its significance in advancing medical research and enhancing patient outcomes worldwide. 

It’s also an opportunity to express gratitude to the researchers, clinicians, nurses and clinical trial team members’ commitment to finding new and innovative treatments and improving patient care.

Thanks also to the participants who enrolled in clinical trials past and present.

For further information contact:

Port Macquarie MNCCI CTU on 0439345715 or email

Coffs Harbour MNCCI CTU on 6656 5053 or email

MNCLHD Research & Knowledge Translation Directorate on 5524 2490 or email

Smiling woman with blonde hair

R3 Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Natalie Luxton.

Group of health care workers against a backdrop of colourful handprints.

Coffs Harbour MNCCI Clinical Trials Team Starting from the front: Sharon Geddes -admin officer Louise Hartcher-clinical trials pharmacist Sharyn Sparke -Health Manager Veronique Doran-Bradley – Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Jo Smith -Nursing Unit Manager Chrissy McMillan- Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Kaarin Goeldner -Clinical Trial Registered Nurse.

Two health care workers standing on a step outside a hospital entrance.

R3 Clinical Trial Registered Nurse Ann Bodill with R3 Clinician Engagement Manager, Rachel Wilks.

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