Two elderly men holding weights in a gym

Peter Patton and Ian Southgate are providing inspiration to participants, and staff, in CHHC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program after both men, aged in their 90s, embarked on a training program to “get back on track”. Images: Dorothea Froehlich Kretzschmar

Cardiac Rehab saves lives but if they don’t know they can’t go

Mar 15, 2024

Two delightful nonagenarians are among the cardiac patients taking part in Coffs Harbour Health Campus’ Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Ian Southgate, 93, and Harold ‘Peter’ Patton, 91, had cardiac events and are now training hard to get back on track.

Peter is a keen golfer and enjoys his days out on the green, while Ian is not only active on the farm, he also is looking forward to fossicking in Queensland soon.

The program’s weekly group sessions combine exercise and education and help cardiac patients to recover and improve their heart health.

Cardiac Liaison and Cardiac Rehabilitation RN Dorothea Froehlich said the cardiac rehab team was proud of all its patients’ achievements but was in awe when looking at these two amazing gentlemen.

The program is available to anyone, regardless of age, who has had a cardiac event.

Ms Froehlich said she encouraged clinicians caring for patients who had a heart attack, a heart surgical procedure or had heart failure to inform their patients about the cardiac rehabilitation programs at Coffs Harbour Health Campus and Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

“People are twice as likely to participate if a health professional discusses cardiac rehabilitation before they leave hospital,” Ms Froehlich said.

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