Five health care workers in uniform at an Aboriginal medical service.

Services and skills combine: Michael Collier and Pru Hampton from Werin, Christine Drennan, Leesa Roach, Laurie Clay from MNCLHD.

Bush Tucka Cafe pops up at Werin for delicious conversations

Jun 06, 2024

The Bush Tucka Café popped up at Werin Aboriginal Corporation on 5 June serving delicious and healthy Australian foods.

Students on work placement from the University of Newcastle enjoyed trying the menu alongside staff, community members and staff from MNCLHD.

Holly Supple, studying nutrition and dietetics, gave the damper a thumbs-up.

On the barbecue for lunch were apricot kangaroo and satay skewers.

Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Laurie Clay, said the café was an opportunity for MNCLHD to connect with Werin staff and community to talk about health and the benefits of bush tucker in a relaxed setting.

“It’s great to see how receptive everyone is to trying the foods and learning; staff and community,” he said.

The event was the second for the Bush Tucka Café project since it debuted at Port Macquarie Community Health Campus in early March.

The events were made possible thanks to a Close the Gap funding grant to highlight the role bush tucker can play in chronic disease management and living healthy and well.

Click on the photo below to see more food and friendly faces.

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