Three healthcare workers with certificates recognising their presentation.

Our wonderful panellists: Llyris Wood – Nurse (Mental Health Services) Group Program Coordinator, Anne Goode – Chaplain and Angela Ditrich – CNE and Perioperative Nurse Dorrigo MPS.

Bravely sharing experiences of change in a safe space

Mar 08, 2024

The Schwartz Rounds Leadership Group held its latest event, hosted by Coffs Harbour Health Campus on 6 March.

The theme was ‘An experience that changed me’ and the panel consisted of Nurse Mental Health Services Group Program Coordinator Llyris Wood, Chaplain Anne Goode and CNE and Perioperative Nurse Dorrigo MPS Angela Ditrich.

Each panellist shared a story about an experience that changed them and displayed bravery, vulnerability and self-reflection in the telling of their story.

The panellists shared how their experiences shaped who they are today, both professionally and personally.

At the end of the round, the panellists were each presented with a Certificate of Acknowledgement in recognition of the important part they played in making the round a success.

Schwartz Rounds are a type of structured group forum where clinical and non-clinical employees meet regularly to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.

Schwartz Rounds provide an opportunity to take time out to reflect on work in a safe, collegial and compassionate space.

Unlike other initiatives such as group reflective practice or clinical supervision, the purpose is not to solve problems or to focus on the clinical aspects of patient care. Schwartz Rounds are inclusive of all employees.

Future Schwartz Rounds dates and themes are on the MNCLHD intranet Wellbeing and Staff Support page.

If you are interested in being a future panellist, send your expression of interest to The opportunity to be a panellist is open to all MNCLHD staff, including clinical, non-clinical and corporate team members.

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