five women at the front of a maternity unit

Aboriginal Elder and Booroongen Djugun employee Aunty Virginia Vale presents the milk warmer to the Midwifery Service team – Aboriginal Health Worker Freeda Roberts, midwives Bron Brenton and Meg Ironfield and Maternity Unit Manager Leece Lecciones.

Booroongen Djugun lends a hand to new mums

Feb 08, 2022
This article was published 2 years ago.

Booroongen Djugun has extended a helping hand to Kempsey District Hospital’s Maternity Unit.

The Community Care Service donated a Medela milk warming and thawing device to help mums care for their new bubs while in hospital.

The donation means mums now have access to a device to help them feed their baby in the privacy of their own room.

Maternity Unit Manager Leece Lecciones said breast milk was vitally important to babies, especially premature babies as it contains antibodies to help them fight off viruses and bacteria, and lowers a baby’s risk of developing asthma or allergies.

“The milk warmer provides our midwives with the chance to help mothers who need additional support following the birth of their baby,” Ms Lecciones said.

“This donation provides tremendous support to vulnerable women and vulnerable babies in many ways, which is why we are so grateful for Booroongen Djugun’s support.”

Ms Lecciones said she was particularly grateful to the group of men from Booroongen Djugun Limited, including chairman Michael Smith, who supported the unit’s charity golf day last year and followed up with the service to seek additional support for the milk warmer.

The device uses technology to preserve the nutrients found in breast milk, it supports women who choose to bottle feed, it supports family-integrated care, enables flexible feeding preparation times, eliminates contamination risk associated with warming in water, minimises risk of mix-ups by having the warmer with the mother, is time-saving and hygienic.

Booroongen Djugun director Annette Lawrence said the donation was regarded as a very practical way to support new mums and their bubs, as well as supporting the highly regarded Midwifery Service.

“There is no doubt this additional milk warmer will provide vital support to mothers and babies in need of a helping hand during those vital first days, weeks or months,” Ms Lawrence said.

three people with milk warmer outside maternity unit

Booroongen Djugun Director Annette Lawrence and Chairman Michael Smith with a grateful Maternity Unit Manager, Leece Lecciones, and the Medela milk warmer.


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