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An incredible legacy: Bev Morris' career guided palliative care nursing in Sydney, Coffs Harbour and beyond.

Bev’s stellar 40-year career in nursing and palliative care

Jun 07, 2024

Three cheers to Clinical Nurse Specialist Bev Morris, who is retiring with over 40 years in nursing under her belt, with half of that time supporting the Mid North Coast Local Health District Palliative Care team.

At a farewell, Bev was praised by her colleagues for being a highly skilled clinician, mentor, educator and tireless advocate of palliative care and nursing.

In the early years of her career, palliative care nursing as a specialty was beginning. Bev said most care and symptom management was learned on the job by people passionate about learning and improving patients at the end of life.

Bev’s palliative care career began at a small hospice in central Sydney and attending community rounds with the consultant from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The first formal training for nurses was a graduate certificate in oncology nursing and then at the NSW College of Nursing for nine months.

Bev made the move north to Coffs Harbour after gaining a further 12 years of experience in palliative haematology, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, acting nurse unit manager, community clinical nurse consultant and further training in palliative care nursing, bereavement counselling and communication, and adult education – which is now her passion.

In Coffs Harbour, Bev guided the growth and achievements of the local palliative care service for the past 20 years, hosting and presenting at state conferences, planning and implementing education across the district and aged care facilities, participating in research, and as a mentor site for Program of Experience in the Palliative Care Approach (PEPA).

Bev has supported hundreds of staff, patients and families during their palliative care journey and her work in helping to implement changes in Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD).

Well done, Bev, on a stellar career and for your contributions to nursing. You have touched countless lives of patients and families.

We wish you the very best in your retirement.

Farewell gathering for Bev Morris (centre back).

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