Kids from Daliagar Pre School kids visit Kempsey District Hospital with painting donated to the Radiology Department.

Artwork and young visitors brighten Kempsey District Hospital

Nov 09, 2023

Kempsey District Hospital welcomed special visitors from Dalaigur and Scribbly Gum Dalai Preschool last week to celebrate the installation of their work of art in the Radiology Department.

The kids entertained staff and community members, singing in the Dunghutti language and enjoying a morning tea to launch Radiology’s Cultural Engagement Project.

Putting smiles on everyone’s faces, the preschoolers were then treated to a tour of the X-ray department, looking at the X-ray and Ultrasound machines, and of course, every child had to have a turn at lying on the table.

It was a great morning to recognise the hard work of the staff who initiated the project and the children’s handiwork, which will now hang proudly in the unit.

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