three women looking at the camera; the two on the outside holding service badges

Adele McKinnon and Jenny Hallett with their 30-year service badges, presented by North Eastern Regional Representative for the UHA, Dee Hunter.

Adele and Jenny are ‘unforgettable’

Jun 23, 2022
This article was published 2 years ago.

Thirty years ago, Natalie Cole and her father Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable was named song of the year, the US/Russian Cold War ended and Adele McKinnon and Jenny Hallett joined the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW.

Much has changed in the three decades that have since passed, however, Adele and Jenny are still volunteering their time and energy as Pink Ladies in the service of Coffs Harbour Health Campus patients, visitors and staff.

This week, Adele and Jenny were honoured at the branch’s monthly meeting when special guest, North Eastern Regional Representative for the UHA, Dee Hunter, presented 30-year service badges to the dynamic duo.

Coffs Harbour Health Campus’ Facility Support Manager Jo Shaw said Adele and Jenny are much-loved members of the Pink Ladies, known to all at the hospital and highly regarded by staff and visitors.

“We are very lucky to have such a wonderful cohort of volunteers at Coffs Harbour, but it is an absolute honour to have Adele and Jenny among them,” Ms Shaw said.

“The world may have changed a lot since 1992 but we are very grateful that these two beautiful volunteers have continued to give their valuable time to our hospital and patients for 30 years.”

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