Integrated Multi Media Unit (IMMU)

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Integrated media is a new form of media content creation that cohesively integrates content and context across multiple platforms, such as web, television, film, print, audio, telephony services and live event.

The Integrated Multi Media Unit (IMMU) provides a broad suite of multimedia and integrated program services to enable the District to meet organisational and community communication needs.

IMMU services include the development, design and ongoing management of the following District programs and products:

HealtheTube Suite of Video Based Programs
  • HealtheTube internal video distribution platform 
  • Program design/ development, content programming, management and website administration services 
  • Video based corporate communications service
  • Video based clinical education and learning design services.


IMMU Film Production and Photography Services
  • Full video production services including script development for clinical training/corporate communications and events
  • Professional photography services 
  • Video based learning design consultancy.


Your Health Link Suite of Programs
  • Your Health Link health literacy website program development, content programming, management and website administration services
  • Your Health Link TV (currently in development) providing patient education on preventive health programs and local health service information
  • Your Health Link National Photographic Competition: utilising The Arts to link the community to evidence based health information
  • Staff health messaging program.


MNCLHD Website and Intranet Administration

Ongoing accessible website design integration, management and website administration to ensure effective community communications .


Music on Hold Services

Design and development of a broad range of music on hold messaging including health promotion/prevention and health service information.


Screensaver Messaging and Marketing

IMMU provides screensaver development services including graphic design and advice on content for powerful messaging.


Event Management Consultancy

The service provides event planning, operational management and consultancy for the MNCLHD Health Innovation Awards and key District events.