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Get Healthy at Work program

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A healthy workplace promotes the physical, mental and social wellbeing of its employees. Most of us spend a lot of time at work and if we are healthy and happy at work then it’s good for us, our workmates and our families. A healthy workplace is also good for business.

Research shows that when organisations make positive changes to create a healthier workplace, the company reaps big benefits – with less staff off sick, higher productivity, and a happier and more committed workforce.

The Get Healthy at Work program makes it easier for all workers to improve their health at work. 

If your workplace has registered for Get Healthy at work, they’ve made a commitment to make it easier for you to be healthy. As part of the program you will be offered a free and confidential online healthy lifestyle check. You will also receive advice and support to make some simple lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Your workers are your most valuable asset. Showing them that you support their health and wellbeing can help you to address individual, behavioural and workplace factors that impact the health and wellbeing of your team. 

Find out how you can get started and support your workers health and wellbeing. 

As adults we spend a large portion of our day at work. Healthy workplaces often have healthier staff, more productive staff and have higher staff retention. The Get Healthy @ Work  program helps workplaces to make changes to support their staffs health and wellbeing. Providing opportunities to eat better, move more, encourage active travel and support staff to reduce their smoking or alcohol intake.

Happy staff are productive team members and there are many benefits to each individual staff member as well as to you, the employer. Providing access to mental health support programs can help staff to feel supported and cared for. 

Get access to resources and templates to support your healthy workplace.

Fundraising activities are important for any organisation and are an important way of increasing staff morale. With more workplaces adopting healthy eating policies, healthy fundraising alternatives are a great way to stay consistent in supporting your workers to make healthier choices. 

Think about some healthy fundraising options for your next fundraising activity. 


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