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Health Promotion Answer the Call

Oct 13, 2021
This article was published 3 years ago.

In response to the surge of cases of Covid-19 throughout NSW, Health Promotion were requested to assist in the surge response. Over the last few months, members of the Mid North Coast Health Promotion team have been redeployed to assist with case management and contact tracing efforts. Together with the North Coast Public Health Unit, and the Northern NSW Health Promotion team, our Health Promotion Officers have been involved in conducting a huge volume of phone calls across NSW to assist in keeping our communities safe.

Providing vital information to the community and ensuring the welfare of everyone called has been a pivotal aspect of the role our team has played. Mid North Coast Local Health District Director of Public Health, Paul Douglas, thanked North Coast Public Health Unit and Health Promotion staff for their continued efforts. “I would like to acknowledge the enormous amount of work the North Coast Public Health Unit has provided in contact tracing and conducting case interviews”, Dr Douglas said.

Health promotion staff have drawn upon their diverse set of skills to answer the call to assist and have readily acquired new skills. Ms. Robyn Martin, Director of Aboriginal Health & Primary Partnerships recognised health promotion’s commitment to community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. “They have pivoted to virtual program delivery, received training and have jumped right in to roles that are new and, at times, challenging,” Ms. Martin said. “I am very proud of the way that both teams are working collaboratively together to keep our communities safe”.

While we continue to operate on a significantly reduced capacity as our team members remain redeployed, if you have any health promotion enquiries or requests, please:

  1. Email:
  2. If urgent, contact Nicola Kerr A/District Manager, Health Promotion: 02 6691 1893 (redirected service if unattended).

We would like to thank our community groups for your understanding at this time and look forward to getting back to providing program support when our redeployment is complete.

Stay safe, healthy and well.

MNCLHD Health Promotion.

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