How to Make a RTI Application

Before making a Right to Information (RTI) application you can check to see if the information is already available. You can:

Check to see if the information you’re looking for is already available

  • Our publication guide – information about the department, our services, finances, priorities, decisions, policies, lists and registers
  • Our disclosure log (Released Information) – non-personal information released through the RTI legal process

Contact us on +61 2 6620 2100 or email if the information is not already available. We’ll help determine if the information is accessible through an administrative release process or we’ll advise if you need to make an RTI request to access it.

If you need to make an RTI request, you can download a Government Information Access Application form and submit it by fax (02) 6588-2947 or in person at MNCLHD Reception, Port Macquarie Community Health Centre, Morton Street, PORT MACQUARIE, NSW, 2444. A summary of associated fees and charges can be found here

Accessing Your Medical Records

You are entitled to request access to personal health information held by NSW Health Services including your medical record.

You will be asked to apply for access in writing and provide identification. You may be charged a fee if you request a copy of this information.

Medical records are accessed under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIPA). The Medical Records Department in the relevant facility can help you apply for your medical record under HRIPA. Information about your rights under HRIPA (including access and amendment to your medical record) is outlined in the MNCLHD Privacy Leaflet for Patients / Clients.

Download the HRIPA Application Form