Fees and Charges

Fees and charges for a Formal Application under GIPAA

An application fee of $30 is required for all access applications. An Internal Review application attracts a fee of $40.00.

How to Pay

A cheque or money order should be made payable to Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) for the prescribed fee and must accompany the application.

To assist in identifying the relevant documents as much information as possible should be included. If the person is unsure of the existence of a document or what it is called, a phone call to the unit concerned may help with the application.

MNCLHD may impose a processing charge for dealing with an access application at a rate of $30 per hour of processing time for the application. The $30 application fee counts as a payment towards any processing charge payable by the applicant. Applicants seeking their own personal information receive up to 20 hours processing without additional charge.

The processing time for an application is the total amount of time that is necessary to be spent by any Right to Information officer of MNCLHD in:

Dealing efficiently with the application (including consideration of the application, searching for records, consultation, decision-making and any other function exercised in connection with deciding the application); or
Providing access in response to the application (based on the lowest reasonable estimate of the time that will need to be spent in providing that access).
Access to government information granted in response to an access application may be made conditional on payment of any processing charge imposed for dealing with the application.

MNCLHD may request an advanced deposit for up to 50% of total processing time.

If the information is made publicly available either before the application is decided or within three working days after providing access to the applicant, the applicant is entitled to a full waiver of the processing charge imposed by MNCLHD.

Discount of Charges

Discounts of 50% reduction in processing charges only will be provided if:

  • Evidence of financial hardship is shown, or
  • MNCLHD is satisfied that the information applied for is of special benefit to the public generally, or
  • The applicant is the holder of a current Pensioner Concession card issued by the Commonwealth, or
  • The applicant is a full-time student, or
  • The applicant is a not-for-profit organisation (including a person applying for or on behalf of a not-for- profit organisation)