Casual Employment

We understand that many nurses may have left the permanent workforce some time ago and are not interested in full time work. However, many would like to work the hours that suit their lifestyle, be it only mornings or perhaps evenings.


Perhaps you have children at school and therefore would like to do some casual nursing work at times which dosen’t conflict with “the school run” or “children’s sporting commitments” or maybe you want to work a couple of days a week, to provide you with that extra income to save for a well-deserved getaway.

Perhaps you want to work a few shifts occasionally to maintain you skills and registration with AHPRA with a view to reconnecting with your career again in the future.


Perhaps you simply prefer to work on a casual basis for the shift flexibility and lifestyle choices it offers you.

If you’re a nursing or midwifery professional and you’re looking for some casual work, we would love to hear from you.