A Smart Career Choice

A career where you can make a difference, all day, every day

There has never been a better time to consider a career in nursing or midwifery. Few professions offer the opportunities, challenges, rewards and salary available in these exciting fields. Working in the health care environment is more than a job – it’s a career with rewards like knowing you have changed a life, saved a life, brought a new life into this world or helped someone pass peacefully from this life.

where-are-they-now20 Nurses working on the Mid North Coast in the early 1990’s

Where are they now?
  • Travelled the world working as a Registered Nurse, currently in Asia
  • Still working here in ICU and enjoying it
  • Registered Nurse working part time nurse in a Community Setting
  • Clinical Nurse Educator in an outpatient Setting
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Quality Improvement Manager
  • General Manager of a Private Hospital
  • PhD in Nursing and work mainly in research
  • Health Promotion Officer
  • Stay at home MUM and pick up casual nursing work as I need to
  • Patient Safety Officer
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Blood Bank
  • Registered Nurse in the Operating Theatre
  • Working part time as a lecturer at the University NSW Rural School of Medicine
  • Nurse Unit Manager of the Intensive Care Unit
  • Manager of Critical Care Services for a Local Health District
  • Nurse Unit Manager of a large ward and High Dependency Unit
  • Executive Director/Director of Nursing for several small hospitals in NSW
  • Manager Clinical (Drug) Trials
  • After Hours Nurse Manager
A career in nursing or midwifery means no two days are ever the same.  Every day is unique: delivering a baby one day, saving a life the next. There’s no such thing as a typical day. They’re exciting, stimulating and diverse offering a variety of environments and areas in which to specialise.

Better still, each day that passes presents the opportunity to develop new skills, take on further responsibilities and build your career, whether it’s here or overseas. If you ask any nurse or midwife what they love most about their job, excitement will be at the top of the list.

There are a huge number of roles in both nursing and midwifery however most start as an Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse or as a Midwife. All have different study requirements and varying roles and responsibilities.

If you can’t wait to start working as a nurse, Assistant in Nursing (fact sheet to come) could be for you. Assistants in Nursing work as a member of the nursing team, assisting nurses and supporting patients in their activities of daily living. For example, helping patients with their hygiene needs and assisting nurses monitor their condition by taking blood pressure, temperature and respiration rates.

An Enrolled Nurse in the first qualification for Nursing and takes about a year to complete. For this reason it’s a popular way to begin a nursing career.

With Registered Nursing you will be at the cutting edge of information technology in nursing care. Registered Nursing is one of the most dynamic and evolving areas of nursing, offering a wide range of career opportunities. To apply for the three-year Bachelor of Nursing degree at university you must be over 17 years of age and have completed your HSC with an appropriate Universities Admission Index (UAI).

As a Midwife you will be providing most of the care for new and growing families including providing care during pregnancy, support during the childbirth process as well as health education for each woman that you care for and her family.

Ultimately, whatever path you choose, a career in nursing or midwifery is a chance to make a difference to the quality of someone else’s life, to help and care for people of all ages, from all walks of life across a range of specialised areas. They are careers that will give you great flexibility of choice and the freedom to find a balance between your professional life, your social activities and, if need be, your family commitments

Areas in which Nurses and Midwives specialise

  • Medical and Surgical Units
  • Aboriginal health
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • Cardiology Units
  • Community settings
  • Education
  • Medical Retrieval teams
  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive care Units
  • Coronary Care Units
  • Education and Management
  • Mental health rehabilitation Units
  • Acute Mental Health Units
  • Maternity Unit
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Orthopaedic/Spinal Units
  • Paediatric (Children)
  • Operating Theatres
  • Day Surgery Units
  • Renal Dialysis Units
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Rehabilitation Units
  • Salary (content to come)