several people with a medical device in front of a building with sign that reads Mid North Coast Cancer Istitute and Haematology Centre

Lions Barbara Lawson, Mike Mellefont, Immediate Past President Jean Vickery, John Moon and Joy O’Shea present the SOZO to MNCCI’s Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Shona Walker and Nursing and Service Development Manager Jill Harrington (right).

Woopi Lions’ fearless support for cancer patients

Nov 24, 2021
This article was published 2 years ago.

Mid North Coast prostate cancer patients will have improved health outcomes thanks to the Lions Club of Woolgoolga.

The hardworking Woopi Lions presented a $19,530 SOZO device to the Mid North Coast Cancer Institute (MNCCI) at Coffs Harbour this week. The equipment provides non-invasive fluid and tissue analysis in patients.

“It’s a hugely significant piece of medical equipment,” said the MNCCI’s Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Shona Walker.

“This device can detect lymphoedema, or the fluid build-up that leads to the health condition, within seconds and without the need for invasive procedures.

“It helps us detect and monitor the accumulation of fluid at the earliest possible stage, which means we can intervene earlier and better manage the condition, and that means better health outcomes are more likely for our patients.”

The device will also help monitor muscle mass in prostate cancer patients receiving hormone treatments. It will help detect changes in body composition, which enables patients to see the need for, and benefits of, regular exercise.

“We have had this device at the top of our wish list so we were thrilled when the Lions asked how they could help our cancer patients,” Ms Walker said.

“This is a gamechanger in the detection of clinical lymphoedema.

“We can’t thank the Woolgoolga Lions Club enough. They have enormous hearts and a remarkable sense of community.”

The Woolgoolga Lions Club’s latest donation brings its support for patients at Coffs Harbour Health Campus to $166,122 in the past six years.

MNCCI Nursing and Service Development Manager Jill Harrington said the Lions’ support was “absolutely remarkable”.

“This is a small club which fights well above its weight division in terms of supporting its local public hospital,” Ms Harrington said.

“We owe the Lions a great debt of gratitude.”

Immediate Past President Jean Vickery thanked the club’s volunteers for their hard work, which created the opportunity to donate the SOZO device.

“It is particularly meaningful for some of our club members who have had prostate cancer,” Ms Vickery said.

three people with medical device outside medical centre

MNCCI Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Shona Walker with the SOZO and Woolgoolga Lions Jean Vickery and John Moon.

grup of people standing around a medical device while nurse talks to them about it.

MNCCI Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Shona Walker explains how the SOZO works to Woolgoolga Lions Club members.

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