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Hastings Macleay Clinical Network’s Allied and Community Health Manager Colleen Ryan with UHA volunteers Stephanie Wright, Bron Guymer and President Jen Lucey.

UHA sale raises $6000 for community health

Nov 23, 2021
This article was published 2 years ago.

Members of the Camden Haven branch of the United Hospital Auxiliaries (UHA) are taking a few days off after hosting a mega garage sale in Laurieton on Saturday.

UHA President Jen Lucey and her magnificent team of helpers managed to move thousands of donated and handcrafted items, many walking out the door for the princely sum of just one dollar.

The hard work and long hours on Saturday have paid dividends with the volunteers raising more than $6000.

The funds will be used to purchase medical equipment or patient comfort items at Camden Haven Community Health Centre in Laurie Street, Laurieton.

Among the shoppers on Saturday was Hastings Macleay Clinical Network’s Allied and Community Health Manager Colleen Ryan.

“It was great to see so many people supporting our wonderful UHA volunteers,” Ms Ryan said.

“It was a long day for most of them, and then they backed up on Monday to clean up.

“I am amazed at their dedication and their determination to support their community. Everyone at Health, myself included, thanks them for their ongoing service.

“They are an amazing group of people and we owe them a debt of gratitude, not only for their support this year but for the support they have provided since the community health centre opened more than 40 years ago.”

Branch President Jen Lucey also sang the praises of her volunteers, who gave up many hours to prepare for the sale and then assisted shoppers on Saturday.

“I also want to thank the community for turning up. The large number of visitors was a much-appreciated show of support for us and for our much-loved community health centre in Laurieton,” Mrs Lucey said.

To view more photos from the sale, please click on the image below.

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