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Emergency Department Nurse Unit Manager Carolynn Worthing describes the features of the new trauma bed to donors Robert and Margaret Chapman.

Coffs couple wraps up year with special gift

Dec 31, 2021
This article was published 2 years ago.

‘Tis the season for giving but a Coffs Harbour couple has taken the art to a new level.

Robert and Margaret Chapman are long-term benefactors of Coffs Harbour Health Campus, supporting paediatric medicine and the operating theatre in the past. Now they have turned their attention to the Emergency Department.

The generous couple has donated a $14,091 trauma bed to ED.

Emergency Nurse Unit Manager Carolynn Worthing introduced the Chapmans to the state-of-the-art smart bed, describing it as a remarkable piece of medical equipment, purpose-built to improve frontline care for seriously ill patients.

Ms Worthing consulted other hospitals and undertook trials to ensure she sourced the best in trauma beds for Coffs Harbour hospital.

“These trauma-specific beds are very functional, with features that meet the needs of a diverse range of patients and their individual situations,” Ms Worthing said.

“We are so happy with this trauma bed – its adaptability and flexibility in meeting different patients’ needs are outstanding.

“We are very grateful to Rob and Margaret for their support. They have ensured our new ED has the very best in emergency response beds, which provides our doctors and nurses with a piece of equipment the helps us position patients to suit their needs during what can be a critical time.”

Robert and Margaret Chapman, who have previously donated a paediatric patient monitor and a gastrointestinal device, are philanthropists determined to make a difference in their local community.

Their latest donation brings their support for Coffs Harbour Health Campus to an amazing $85,000.

“We like to make a difference, which is something we hope others, fortunate enough to be able to, might also do,”  Mr Chapman said. 

“We try to make donations that help as many local people as possible, and were delighted to see this amazing new bed installed in the new wing of the hospital.   This equipment will support patients when they first arrive in the Emergency Department and may even save lives.

“Margaret and I choose to make that difference in our community, where we know the equipment we donate to our local hospital will benefit locals when they need it most.”

Mrs Chapman said their donation came at a particularly poignant time, just before Christmas.  

“We are delighted this donation has arrived in time for Christmas,” Mrs Chapman said.

“What better gift could we make to our hospital staff, after such a difficult year, and with the new virus spreading so rapidly.

“Our frontline health workers deserve ongoing support and thanks from the whole community.”

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