Artwork by Brentyn Lugnan

The artwork you see in our header and footer of our site is part of a larger work created by Gumbaynggirr Artist Brentyn Lugnan.

“The piece depicts the work of the Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) and the five contributing areas or ‘Mobs’. At the top there are ‘circles’ which show the mountainous areas. These are then dissected by the rivers, which flow through the work down to the sand dunes/middens. Inside the middens, shells can be seen showing the ongoing and ancient connection to country. Beyond the dunes we move out into the sea.

The ‘starfish’ design in the centre of the piece has been used to represent the work of the MNCLHD. The thinner one shows the coming together of 5 groups, first as separate gatherings, then their journey as they combine in the centre. The thicker lined ‘starfish’ is these people then taking their skills and knowledge back out into the communities.”

Brentyn Lugnan

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