Governing Board

The Health District Board and Chief Executive are responsible for:

  • Improving local patient outcomes and responding to issues that arise throughout our Local Health District
  • Monitoring the performance of our Local Health District against performance measures in the LHD Service Agreement
  • Delivering services and performance standards within an agreed budget, based on annual strategic and operating plans. This forms the basis of our Local Health District Service Agreement
  • Ensuring services are provided efficiently and accountably. Production of Annual Reports that are subject to State financial accountability and audit frameworks
  • Maintaining effective communication with local and State public health stakeholders.

MNCLHD Strategic Directions 2017 – 2021 

The Governing Board is delighted to present the Mid North Coast Local Health District Strategic Directions 2017-2021.

We are extremely proud of our District and look forward to working closely with our communities and staff to achieve the Strategic Directions.
The Governing Board is confident this document provides an excellent framework within which to further enhance the contemporary, quality and safe health services we provide for Mid North Coast communities.  

MNCLHD Strategic Directions 2017 – 2021

MNCLHD Strategic Directions 2017 – 2021 Poster

MNCLHD Governing Board

Warren Grimshaw AM

  • Reverend Canon Dr John Barrett OAM
    Reverend Canon Dr John Barrett OAM
  • Dr Jenny Beange
    Dr Jenny  Beange
  • Dr Tim Francis
    Dr Tim Francis
  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy
  • Susan McGinn
    Susan McGinn
  • Neville Parsons
    Neville Parsons
  • Neil Porter
    Neil Porter
  • Janine Reed
    Janine Reed
  • Elizabeth Ruthnam
    Elizabeth Ruthnam
  • Jo Sutherland
    Dr Jo Sutherland
  • Dr Alison Seccull
    Dr Alison Seccull

Governing Board Minutes