Kempsey District Hospital

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119 River Street
Kempsey NSW 2440

Visiting hours

Kempsey District Hospital cultivates a health care environment that welcomes loved ones which is fundamental to a patient centred approach and is now offering 24 hour visiting.

Important Information About Patient Based Visitation

The wellbeing and safety of patients is enhanced by access to their visitors.  A visitor is someone whose purpose in coming to the facility is to spend time with a relative or friend as a natural extension of an existing relationship. 

Patient’s family and friends are welcome to visit their loved ones at any time as long as visiting duration is in accordance with the patients wishes, doesn’t impact on other patients or impact on clinical care that the patients require.

Access to visitation is individualised with consideration to patient and visitor comfort, rest, privacy, safety and care needs.

Parents are strongly encouraged to stay with children at all times as able.

Husbands/partners are able to stay with women in Maternity, if it is the women’s choice, to provide care and support to the women and assist with the new born baby.  Access to this type of visitation will depend on a single room being available.

A visitor identified by a patient as a support person is able to accompany the patient to the operating theatre entry lobby and be involved in the checking in process.

Patient based visitation in the Mental Health units must take into consideration the patients mental health illness and the existence of a supportive environment to ensure comfort and safety of the support person.  Other patients needs will also need to be considered.

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Kempsey District Hospital is a local community, level 3 rural hospital within the Mid North Coast Local Health District providing care to over 11,300 patients every year.   Kempsey Health Campus has 81 beds, 10 of which are used for voluntary mental health patients.

Services Provided at Kempsey District Hospital

Kempsey District Hospital provides services at a role delineation 3 and a 24 hour Emergency Department that is staffed by local GP VMOs supplemented by career medical officers.   Surgical services include general, gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, dental and endoscopies, Day Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics (Shoulders, arthroscopies –day stay or overnight procedures only), Endoscopies & Colonoscopies, some urology, elective and emergency Caesarean Sections at designated level.

In May 2012, the NSW Government and the Australian Government announced a major capital investment of $80 million for the Kempsey District Hospital Redevelopment read more here.